About The Shop

Jennifer O'Toole, the shop ownerCellsDividing is a small handmade business founded in 2011 by Jennifer O'Toole based out of Corydon, Indiana.

This business began as a small-scale hobby that eventually grew into a full time project based on the idea of purchasing handmade items straight from the maker.

CellsDividing is owned and operated by one girl. I started my first shop in 2011 on Etsy and ran it out of my home while I worked as a freelance web designer. I've been an artist my entire life and wanted to sell my paintings in the form of tiny wearable art pendants. Back then I used baked polymer clay as the canvas. Soon after I started my second Etsy shop and business grew until I could no longer do both web design and sell my jewelry!

Today my jewelry consist of prints of my original art, graphic design work, and more! I keep my shop stocked with the same type of accessories I love to wear and give. I'm inspired by the world around me, nature, the cosmos, historical artist, and far away places.

I hope for my jewelry to serve as reminders to live mindfully and inspire happiness. My work varies from thoughtful words of wisdom to whimsical artwork meant to make you smile- all handmade one at a time, shipped straight to you from the maker.

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Find more of my products on Etsy at:
www.etsy.com/shop/cellsdividing & www.etsy.com/shop/rainnua